Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. This is not the first I have ever had and likely won’t be the last. I used to put up all my spirituality-related musings on a website I own, but with the advent of modern blog publications I have decided to keep my site separate and start fresh here.

I have been walking this path my entire life, though I didn’t always know it. As far back as I can remember I could easily remember my dreams and loved to tell my mom every morning what I dreamed the night before. At some point I learned how to battle nightmares and at the same time learned how to control my dreams, though I didn’t know then that it is called lucid dreaming. I also had recurring dreams that gave me inklings into who I am at a higher level (though again, I didn’t quite realize that yet at the time). I have been attracted to both nature on Earth and the stars and world beyond for as long as I can remember. I could easily spend my days playing in the forest and my nights staring at the moon and stars, floating away into a remembrance.

When I was around 11 or so I learned how to feel the energy that surrounds all living things. Prior to that I was attuned with the spirit in living things, but don’t remember feeling their energy until later. I couldn’t quite “do” anything with this, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I naturally found myself drawn to full moons and dancing under the stars. Dancing was something I did often, though in private, and the moves came as natural to me as breathing. Somewhere along the way, probably younger than 11, I also came to know and hold in my heart the unquestioned sensation that I was “not from here” and that my “other” family was in the stars. I yearned for “home” sometimes, though I loved it here too.

At one point when I was somewhere between being a “child” and being a “teenager”, I had a bit of an awakening. I felt alone and lonely and I cried out to the universe for help. It was then that I became aware that I was not alone and never had been. I felt him with me, and at that point in my journey the best way I could describe him was that he was my “male side”. I didn’t know much about guides or guardian angels yet, but I knew what I felt. And for years that’s how I would refer to him – my male side who was always with me.

In my early 20’s I went through a stage where I learned as much as I could from all over about various aspects of New Age spirituality. I devoured all I could, in hopes of finding answers, proof, truth, myself. I learned about lucid dreaming and strove to improve that skill. I learned about astral travel and practiced, saddened by having only a couple successes. I learned more about the soul, where we may have come from, guides, past lives, etc. A dream showed me that I am from Sirius and another dream revealed that my guide, my “male side”, could be called Rael (not to be confused with the Raelian movement – not related). I learned about clairsentience, empathy, Tarot reading, dowsing, healing, Reiki, etc, etc. I wanted to learn it all. 🙂

But I was still very much wrapped up in the 3D, physical, world. I was scared of being wrong about everything. I wanted solid proof and it’s hard to get SOLID proof in the spiritual world. I allowed myself to drift away.. to hold onto my spirituality but concentrate more on the 3D world. It was probably for the best. My spiritual journey helped me meet some new friends and through that connection, I met my now-husband. We got married, went on trips together, enjoyed shared interests, and got lost in the day-to-day. Then, in 2011, our daughter was born and my life was changed in a way I never saw coming.

Now syncronicity has brought me back. I feel the need to reconnect to my spiritual side. I feel it bubbling up inside me and now that I am quite a bit older than I was back then, I feel I am a bit more clear. My questions are different now than they were then, and I feel more at ease in my reawakening.

So thank you for reading about me and please feel free to add a comment below to introduce yourself if you would like. I hope you enjoy this blog.

Love & Light,



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