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Channeling – What Works For Me

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with the idea of psychics – people who could contact “the other side”. What a concept! I remember on sick days from school and summer break watching junk afternoon TV and loving when those talk shows would have psychics on. How amazing it was, what they could just “know” about complete strangers!! And the proof of life after death. I craved that proof ever since I was a very young kid and first learned what death was. I wished that I could be a psychic so I would have that proof too. While I loved watching other psychics, I couldn’t quite believe them 100%. But if I was the one receiving the messages, then I could believe in it, right?

Well, much to my dismay, I’m not a psychic. And as I got older I learned that most people who claim to be aren’t really either. Many of them could be proven wrong if given proper testing (controlled studies). Oh, there are some out there who are real, I’m sure. But so many aren’t. Most importantly, it’s not me. I strove for a number of years to figure out if I could “train myself” to be psychic, but I had a very narrow view of what that meant. It meant I would have clear, unquestionable communication with dead people. Proof in the after life and all.

Over the years I have realized the whole thing is so much more complex than that. No, I am not a psychic in the sense of someone who can walk up to a stranger and talk about messages they are receiving for those people. I can’t accurately predict something is going to happen in the near or far future. I don’t have that kind of sight. But what I do have is something I have come to believe everyone has the potential to learn – the ability to talk to my guides and receive messages back from them. Some call this channeling.

You’ll see people talking about channeling in different ways. Some call it praying to God for guidance, then listening for “messages”. Some say these messages are words, some get signs, some find the pieces of the puzzle come together for them if they step back and let the messages come through. There are lots of different ways.

For me, I learned to channel kind of by accident. In my early twenties my friends and I decided to play with a Ouija board. Before you gasp and get frightened by this, know that the tool (in this case, the Ouija board) is not in itself a negative or evil thing. If you aren’t careful, and if you believe in that sort of thing, you can draw negativity towards you in any number of ways, including the use of a tool. My friends and I were careful. We used it in an open natural setting and burned anointed candles designed for protection. We spoke our intentions to speak only with beings of higher vibration. And it worked. We did not connect with anything negative. I don’t remember details of every connection we made, but it was amusing. Still, what was it really? Was it our imaginations?

After a while I realized that I “knew” which letter was going to be pointed at prior to the planchette moving there. This happened even if I consciously did not put any pressure on the planchette myself. That is to say, I was barely touching the device, my partner was doing most of the touching. I could even let go of it and it would still move to the letter I knew was coming. This got me thinking.. what was this? Do I need the Ouija to get these answers? And the answer to that question came clear as a bell: No!

I looked up types of channeling. I discovered that some people channel by writing down questions then writing down the answers that come to them. They practice and learn to discern if the answer is just their own thoughts or if they’re something more. This is the method that works for me. But it has taken me many years and many ups and downs before I could truly trust myself. I’m a creative writer in my heart, so I was really concerned that I was just making it up. But over time I’ve learned there is a different feel to the answers that come from my guides and those that are just my own thoughts. I’ve also learned that “just my own thoughts” doesn’t mean they are not valuable answers. Sometimes I know the answers myself and don’t need my guides to tell me.

Do you channel? Do you try but have doubts as to whether or not it’s true? Comment below, let’s chat!

I don’t have many of my old channelings saved, but here are some from around 2003 and before:

We talk to all at once, and none too.
We talk to you then and now.
We talk to someone then and now.
We talk to them until they die, and they never die.
We are one soul and we have always been, and will always be.
Talk to us and see for yourselves.
Talk to us and see your start, and your continue, but you never end.
Talk to us until you die, then talk to us some more.
Because to die is to live.
And to live is to learn.
Talk to us and learn our secrets, which were never meant to be secrets.
Talk to us and see what we’ve seen, and will see again.
Talk to us until you see that life is precious, and goes on and on.
Talk to us today for we are you, and we love you.
Talk to us today, for to see your tomorrow is your destiny.
Talk to us today for we will show you your yesterday and tomorrow, for your benefit.
Talk to us today until you see what we’re trying to give you.
Then talk with us some more, to learn more.
Believe in yourself, we will be there for you.
Until you see what we are trying to say, don’t fear us, but trust us.
Trust in yourself and we will be there.

Be true to yourself. Even now we are with you. Free the love within. Your love for us and life. Don’t ask us to tell you what to do. You know in your heart already.

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