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Introduction: Ra’el


When I was around 11 or 12 years old I had a bit of a spiritual break through. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I do remember the result: I met Ra’el. At the time I was having a bit of a break down. I felt very alone (spiritually). I had always felt that I had a “family” separate from my current and that “they” watched over me and protected me. But at this low point, I felt abandoned. I didn’t really understand who “they” were. I thought maybe I was making it all up. But then, he came to me.

It was like I was enveloped in a positive energy. A feeling of love. All I really knew at this point was that there was a male presence and that whatever it was, it felt good and safe. I held onto that feeling as long as I could and when thinking to myself or talking with my mom (the only one I trusted with my secrets), I described him as my “male side”. I called him that for a long time before I heard about the concept of a guide.

Sometime in my early 20’s I was exploring lucid dreaming and astral projection. During a lucid dream I found myself facing a male spirit whom I was working with to fight off something (I became lucid in the dream right in the middle of the fight). I asked his name and received the word “Ra’el”. It sounded a bit like “ray-el” at first but in my memory it softened to “rah-el”. I wanted to be certain what I was being told and the name was spelled out for me before I woke up. From that day on, I knew that my guide’s name was Ra’el.

He has nothing to do with the “Raelian” religious movement, by the way, in case you’ve even heard of that. Or some guy who calls himself “Rayel”.

I’ve learned a lot about souls and such over the years. It is my understanding that I was quite correct when, as a child, I identified him as my “male side”. Now I would say he is a piece of my higher self. That when my genderless Self incarnated on earth as a female, he stayed behind to be my guide and partner on the other side. I’ve also wondered if he would count as a “Twin Flame” type thing, but at the time of writing this I am still researching that topic.

So now you know who Ra’el is. Cydonia & Ra’el are an inseparable pair. You’ll hear from us both on this blog.

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